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Free Listing

List your entire product catalog in our socially driven marketplace. Join our community we'll drive traffic to you.

Product Catalog

Your entire product inventory auto-populated on display.

Online Orders

Customers can view your products & order online.

Order Management

Get notified when you receive a new order. Order fulfillment simplified.

Toker Guard App

ID check-in makes welcoming new & returning customers easier than ever before. (Auto-syncs with CRM)

Toker Kiosk Menus

Display menus on touchscreen tablets that your customers or budtenders can use to find products. Our AI-driven filters make searching for products fun & easy!

Toker CRM

Connect with customers like never before. Target the exact customers by interests, purchase history & other micro demographics.

Simplicity Is Key

Focus on keeping your customers happy & making money. Buzzlync is the one Hub that does it ALL. Everything Cannabis.

Our Mission

Our experience empowers cannabis connoisseurs and businesses from all walks of life to connect and engage like never before. As legalization continues to unfold, we are pioneering a new way forward and we feel humbled to be a part of history in the making. We promise to continually strive to find the most innovative ways to serve our customers and users.

Everything Cannabis

We’re changing the way dispensaries & deliveries showcase their digital presence. From free listings to auto menu updates to online orders & more. It’s all about community, culture, and connection. Buzzlync embodies people from all walks of life. We’re bringing together a community of cannabis enthusiasts to connect & engage with one another and retailers like never before.

Order Management

Consumers habits are evolving every day. How they order cannabis is essential to your business, especially in this COVID climate. Our (FREE) Order Management module sends you orders placed by our government ID-verified users directly to your email inbox! We’ll even call you if you forget. Fulfillment made easy!

Toker Guard App

No more long lines, frustrated customers, or manual data entry!

Seamlessly check-in

customers in seconds with our simple mobile ID scanner. No special hardware, just your mobile phone or tablet!

Shared flagged patron list

which easily allows you to spot underage or troublesome individuals that other dispensaries have flagged.

Curb looping

with recurrent visit alerts from those trying to circumnavigate daily purchase limits.

Reduce wait time

by automating check-in & customer form filling.

Unlimited visitors, Unlimited Scans, Unlimited Check-ins. No Hardware. COMPLETELY FREE!

Toker Kiosk Menus

Every customer is unique. Now you can know your customer habits like never before & create a special shopping experience for them every time they enter your shop

Observe the moment of truth. Capture real-life behavior at the exact moment a consumer makes a purchase decision.  Access the full context and emotions that drive consumer’s decisions.


Toker CRM

Are you sending out mass texts & emails to your entire customer list hoping some of them will be interested? It’s time to get smart. And it’s so simple!
With our AI driven filters, you can quickly target the EXACT customers you are trying to reach. Filter by consumer habits such as which brands & products they’ve previously purchased OR based on moods/symptoms, specific strains, THC/CBD levels, price, product categories, and much more. Our filters allow you to micro-segment and target the exact audience you are looking to connect with for your campaigns. Use consumer’s behavioral and profile data to create highly relevant & highly effective campaigns via email & SMS right from Toker. All for FREE!


Next generation consumer insights | Data + Analytics for better results

Need a Bank?

Cash handling is risky, dangerous & inconvenient. How do you pay bills, handle employees & taxes? Stop worrying, we got you.


As a free courtesy service, we’ll introduce you to our banking partners that welcome cannabis-related businesses. No more having to disguise your account or deal with the constant worry of losing your banking relationship.


Everything Cannabis.

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